Winter Wolfcon 15   The Pavillion
5441 N East River Rd Chicago, IL  60656
Fri, Sat & Sun Nov 23rd, 24th, & 25th, 2018

Thanks to the support of our wonderful sponsors,
we give away door, tournament, and game prizes

Each day of paid admission makes you eligible to win door prizes, which we draw at random throughout Wolfcon.

Over $320 in prizes, and growing!!!

Columbia Games Inc
Slapshot $25.0000 ea x1= $25
In Memorial
Pile It $8.0000 ea x1= $8
Mayfair Games
The Settlers of Catan Book $15.0000 ea x1= $15
Out of the Box Games
MyWord! $10.0000 ea x1= $10
Patch Products
Buzzword $25.0000 ea x1= $25
Chain Letters $22.0000 ea x1= $22
Farkle Flip Card Game $10.0000 ea x1= $10
Shadowstar Games Inc.
Fantasy Imperium Players Book - Goldleaf! $70.0000 ea x1= $70
Twilight Creations
Bowling for Zombies!!! $15.0000 ea x1= $15
Red Dwarf RPG $35.0000 ea x1= $35
Rocketville $35.0000 ea x1= $35
The Prospector $10.0000 ea x2= $20
Yak and the Getzaks:Getzaks Kickpack $10.0000 ea x1= $10
Yak and the Getzaks:Getzaks Kickpack Ori Kickpack $5.0000 ea x4= $20

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